So I’m a slacker.

8 06 2010

But I have excuses. Just none I would put on a pulic domain!

Skipped fast Sunday, skipped Monday cause my tummy hurted (a LOT, k?), and now it is Tuesday in the nightytime. What’s that you say? Don’t be such a loser? Go and work your little butt off?




Did it…made video…too tired to wait the however many minutes for YouTube to upload and whatever it. Post tomorrow.

Also…Facebook is not a good enough way to contact someone you love and have not seen or regularly talked to for seven months. My husband is in trouble lol.



fear not loyal readers!

7 06 2010

or, more likely, a host of random people who do not know me, do not care what I write, but are occasionally curious and press play on a video, only to become bored, leave, and never return.


Anyway, yesterday was fast Sunday, which means no food, which means no energy and no nutrients, which means definitely no p90x… 😦 booooo. Here’s where the fear not! comes in: I start back up today, so stop freaking out! Yoga X tonight, it’s gonna be a party.

Also…getting my car today yes! Taking the scary yucky bus to work no! Not having to take the stinky creepy bus home: priceless! Actually, the cost of a safety inspection, down payment, and switching to a new insurance coverage with a higher premium. Avoiding the bus is just not as cheap as it used to be.

Bright side: NEW CAR! Oh yeah.

See you tonight after p90x kicks my butt…probably literally.

Too sore to sit down

5 06 2010

Quite literally. I have to just lean back and fall into my chairs. Which is dangerous when they’re on wheels. Don’t do it. Safety first.
Standing up isn’t much better.

The hilarious part is tonight wasn’t a leg focused workout, it was arms, shoulders and abs. In my defense, you keep your legs off the ground through most of the ab stuff, so I can definitely feel new soreness in my upper legs.

With no further introduction and absolutely no more ado, tonight’s update video (or possibly, Sir Ulrich Von Lichtenstein.):

And there you have it. Day 3 of p90x LEAN.

I might break my usual rule about wearing heels to church tomorrow…my legs just might not have it in them.

got myself a haircut and a car

5 06 2010

And every muscle feels atrophied.

Here’s last night’s video, recording day 2 of the p90x lean system, some details on my new car(!), and a new flavor of protein liquid (AKA Isopure). For your viewing pleasure:

Also, a pleasant little update:

In our conversation this morning, Jared and I got to talking about the results so far from these workouts, and got genuinely excited, rather than just skeptical. He even said he “couldn’t wait to try it with me.” Alright! ‘Cause, seriously, after two days my body already feels so much tighter and more capable, p90x really is all it’s cracked up to be. I’m glad he’s a little more ready to get on board!

See you guys after day 3!

next up: Isopure

3 06 2010

right after day 1 of p90x, and another health product review. Here we go!

I feel like I look like I’m crying through this entire video.

I’m twenty and I take more pills than my grandparents.

3 06 2010

Why? Because I wanna get hot!

Visited GNC and stocked up on a disgusting amount of multi-vitamins and performance enhancers…check out the video to watch me talk about it!

The beginning of a beautiful relationship…

3 06 2010

…that will probably chew me up and spit me out like a piece of gum. This, ladies and gentlemen, is my first impression of the wonderfully successful workout system, p90x. Watch the video for my “before I start” feelings, goals, and general description of why I decided to choose the one system out there that professes hard work = hard abs, rather than magically easy work = magically great body.