Straight out of Kailua, Hawaii, it’s the most exciting thing to hit the internet since Bill friggin’ Gates!

Jared and Kaila McDonald are internet-junkies and newlyweds, making them an unstoppable force of addiction and passion! Jared serves in the United States Marine Corps, Kaila serves in the Kailua 3rd Ward Relief Society. Because they are hardcore like that.

Because they live pretty darn far away from all of their family (not to mention Chik-fil-A), they like to feel connected through just about any communication apparatus in existance. Phones, US Postal Mail, Email, and, now, Blogs. That’s just the beginning. Possibly. That could be it.

Married since March 28th, 2009, Jared and Kaila are aware of some of the finer details of marriage that take other couples longer to figure out. Bathed in experience and showered in wisdom, these two know what they’re talking about. And if they don’t, they’ll make up for it by sounding really smart, regardless.


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