fear not loyal readers!

7 06 2010

or, more likely, a host of random people who do not know me, do not care what I write, but are occasionally curious and press play on a video, only to become bored, leave, and never return.


Anyway, yesterday was fast Sunday, which means no food, which means no energy and no nutrients, which means definitely no p90x… šŸ˜¦ booooo. Here’s where the fear not! comes in: I start back up today, so stop freaking out! Yoga X tonight, it’s gonna be a party.

Also…getting my car today yes! Taking the scary yucky bus to work no! Not having to take the stinky creepy bus home: priceless! Actually, the cost of a safety inspection, down payment, and switching to a new insurance coverage with a higher premium. Avoiding the bus is just not as cheap as it used to be.

Bright side: NEW CAR! Oh yeah.

See you tonight after p90x kicks my butt…probably literally.




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