The possible open window resulting from the closed door.

3 06 2010

1995 Nissan Maxima: kaput (I think I might be secretly Jewish…I also use the words shmuck and oy vey…and occasionally putz). In its defense…well…yeah it pretty much just sucked from day 1. Now, I say kaput, but I suppose I mean “repairs would cost us SO much more than what that silly little car is worth. Ergo, kaput.

Now, my immediate reaction to the news was to throw a little fit and play a little game of “why me?” and my personal favorite, “why now?” So I called my daddy, as he is full of sound advice and one of the few people who can say things like “calm down and do this or that” who I will listen to. Not many people have lived to tell me to calm down or “be reasonable.” That one has gotten a few people drawn and quartered.

Aaaaaanyway, he answered a bunch of questions, namely “should I just get a new car already?” To which his answer was, “research it out, pray a ton, and talk to your husband.”

And here is what the following of that advice has turned up.

A man in my ward is selling a 2004 Volvo xc90 for 15K. He would sell it to us for 13. I work for him, and rather than reporting my hours to our payroll company, he’d take my time log and deduct the money I would have gotten in a paycheck from the total cost of the car, tax free. There would also be no interest in this agreement, just the solid cost of the car.

Ta da!

I wanna get it. Let’s be honest, it’s an amazing deal.

Pros: luxury car for normal car price; seats 7; tons of cargo space; psycho safe; personal relationship with original owner; attractive.

Cons: not incredible mpg, but relatively comparable to most crossover suvs; ranked pretty average as far as reliability goes, rather than the generally “incredible” rating of a Toyota or a Nissan.

So there you have it. A possibility. Jared is mildly reluctant, that mpg thing is really bugging him. But I feel really good about it, and I know we’re not gonna get a deal even CLOSE to this from a dealership.

So now we need to decide: do we do it or not?

Wish us luck…




2 responses

3 06 2010

it seems a bit big considering there are only two of you…unless you planned to get it moved back to the states when you came back?

3 06 2010

yeppers. that’s the idea. it’s free to get a car shipped back at the end of a contract, so we’d have the military ship it for us and it would officially become our family vehicle!

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