This site is starting to look like my journal…

7 05 2010

rarely updated and full of useless information.

Well, I’m here to reassure you: we are not dead, our internet connection is just fine, and life is still happening out here in the middle of the Pacific. Sorry for the incredibly long absense.

Anyone who even kind of knows us knows that Jared has been in Afghanistan since sometime in late November of 2009. He left Hawaii Nov 17th, which marked the first of 219 or something days away. That leaves us with just 33 days til he’s home.

And this is why I hardly update here: the above paragraph is virtually the only exciting thing that is happening anytime soon. Anything I add below will just be me wanting to write and hoping someone out there feels like reading. I usually call it the void.

Hello, Void. It’s been a while, you’re looking dark and empty. Oh, thanks, I had it cut a while ago. Yeah I do, it’s lighter, easier to manage.

So, what on earth have I filled the last _ month(s) with? About a million hundred books and a lot of Papa John’s Pizza. That being said, I have some new recommendations for the people (person? emptiness?) that read this.

1. The Hunger Games. I know everyone knows about it already, but seriously. If you haven’t read it ’cause it’s so hyped, get over it. Read it. Love it. Die waiting for the release of the third book in August. I am.

2. Fablehaven (a 5 book series). It’s for a little younger of an audience, but anyone with a taste for the fantastic and adventurous will enjoy this series. It’s definitely an entertaining read, and you don’t have to wait at all because the entire series has been released!

3. The Picture of Dorian Grey. I’ve always liked this story, but I had never read the actual book. It’s definitely one of those classics that gets pushed behind Jane Austen and Robert Louis Stevenson, Charles Dickens, blah blah blah. But! The story really is quite interesting, I felt really drawn into Mr. Grey, I felt relaxed when he did, angry when he did, urgent, happy, jealous, and in love when he did. I was really impressed. Plus I’m a big believer of the back in the day days when stories were written to expose evil as, well, evil, rather than glorifying the way so many do now.

There’s books.

Other than that, I’ve painted a bit, decorated our new home a bit, cried occasionally, the average stuff for a woman with a deployed husband, I think. All in all, the six months Jared has been gone have really moved by pretty quickly. In hind-sight anyway. (Did I mention he’ll be home in THIRTYTHREEDAYS?!??!!!) In frontwardside-sight the days are pretty sluggish. But I feel good about the fact that there’s only a little over a month worth of them left.

Thanks for coming, Void, old friend. You’re always there for me.





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