Bad News Bears

16 06 2009

Directions: Study the following facts carefully, then answer Question 1.

Fact #1: The Military rules Kaila and Jared’s lives.

Fact#2: Generally speaking, the Military changes plans with short notice on a regular basis.

Fact #3: Time together is a precious commodity for Jared and Kaila, but it is often infringed upon by the Military.


1. Based on the facts above, what is most likely going to happen to the leave block Jared will be granted in October before deployment?

a) Nothing. His pre-deployment leave will not be affected.

b) He will get more leave days to make up for the sacrifices he and his family make.

c) Jared will go AWOL to get the frick out of a sucky job.

d) Leave will be cut from 30 to 11 days. Kaila and Jared will have to use 2 of those days for travel to and from Texas, making leave about 9 days.


Answer: d) Leave will be cut from 30 to 11 days.


When coming back to church almost two years ago, Jared got a blessing that said a girl was being prepared for him. Now I think we both understand that I was being prepared for THIS too. A lifestyle of uncertainty and sometimes frustration, but with a love more divine and beautiful than I sometimes deserve. Some people have lives with good things that sweep problems under rugs. My good things vaporize any bad thing that could ever possibly dirty my life’s floor :D.

For the people back home, yes, we’ll only be home for just a little while. Lol, well, for now. That could change too. I promise, you’ll never get used to how many times you have to scribble something out on your calendar to move it, only to find out it’s been moved back. But, we’re excited for every moment we’ll spend with each of you. There are many people we’ll be trying to see, our time will be full! But we can’t think of a better thing for it to be full of than family, friends, and love.

See you in four months!!




2 responses

4 07 2009

*sigh* Why must life do mean things? D8~~~~ but eh, they always lead to something good eventually so hurrah XD when’ll this leave be? =O

4 07 2009

Sounds about right…and we’re getting word that leave is either Oct. 11-22 or 24-Nov somethingeth. We’re pulling to be put on the second leave list. We want to be there for Halloween lol. Our costumes are gonna be hardcore.

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