The Library is a Place of Magic and Wonder

11 06 2009

I believe I shall go there later this afternoon.

Things you need to know before reading the following paragraph: 1. Jared is a Lance Corporal (hereby listed as LCpl) in the Marine Corps (USMC). 2. The next rank in the USMC is Corporal (Cpl). 3. There are three things you need to get promoted: a) Time in Grade (how long you’ve  been the rank you are now), b) Time in Service (how long you’ve been in the USMC), and a cutting score (a composite of your Physical Fitness Test scores and your Pro vs. Con rating) that is higher than the minimum for the next rank up. Carry on.

LCpl McDonald has a cutting score that already ranks Cpl, but doesn’t have the Time in Grade or in Service that he needs. Usually, the TiG is 9 months to go from LCpl to Cpl, and Jared has only been Lance for three. However, as most people know, Jared received LCpl meritoriously, which (and no one knew this) changes promotion requirements. The TiG between PFC (Private First Class, the rank directly below LCpl) and LCpl is supposed to be 9 months as well, but the meritorious advancement means Jared got promoted with only 6 months TiG. With being a meritorious Lance, Jared can earn Cpl with just 6 months TiG instead of 9. After doing the math, that means Jared will be 6 MONTHS ahead of anyone else’s progress schedule. My baby is so impressive. This puts him up for Cpl somewhere in the September area. He’ll be Cpl before his first deployment if he doesn’t just decide to give up and stop going to work 😀

As for myself, I am working harder on this ACT test than I ever did at any class in High School. But, I have a firm grip on the knowledge I’ve been counselled to learn, and feel confident in my abilities. This Saturday at the BYU-Hawai’i campus, that confidence will be put to the test. I’ve spent most of the last two weeks studying math (what I paid attention to LEAST in HS), and have definitely grasped a lot of things I didn’t even remember learning. Some of this stuff, I swear I’ve never seen before. Which is probably not because my teachers missed something, but  because I was paying even less attention than I remember. I can’t wait, though. I know I’ll do well because I’ve been working hard, praying, and working again. Hopefully that means all of this stuff will be “called to my remembrance” when I need it.

I got myself a Library card, as well. The original intent was to have a place to go for study materials, but, of course, I’m a reader, my husband is a reader…I picked up a few books too :D. I started the “Odd Thomas” series by Dean Koontz over again and am now on the 3rd of 4 books. Jared started Odd Thomas as well. Though he usually reads Young Adult fiction (the Eragons, Harry Potters, and stuff like that), I think he’ll get into this series. Well written, suspenseful, humorous: all the things we love so much.

My six-year-old little sister, McKennan, eagerly asks every time we talk, “When are your babies due?” or some variety of the same question. To all who are wondering the same thing, even if I’m pregnant RIGHT NOW, we’re still not having any children for about 2 years. And I am most certainly NOT pregnant RIGHT NOW. We’re very excited to be parents, and almost can’t wait. But the life we live right now wouldn’t allow Jared to have any time with his precious little babies. We’re waiting so the proud father, can be a present father. You should see the way his eyes light up when he watches a baby crawl across the floor in church, or giggle at a game of peek-a-boo. I can’t let him not have those moments with our children.

So there’s your update: a little military knowledge, some time back in High School, a tour of what I do when I go to the Library, and a short commentary on offspring. I’m sure you’re thrilled.




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