Time to put my internet addiction to use.

21 05 2009

Happy Faces Close

With all of the hours I have available during the day, I suppose keeping a blog just dripping with the details of the Hawaiian McDonald clan is a worthy project to dedicate some of them to.

Today, Jared is taking the written test for the Saber course he’s been in for a week and a half. The Saber is a weapon system similar to the two systems Jared has already been trained on (The Tow and The Javelin), but is, apparently, way more up to date and much more “hardcore” lol. It requires a lot less from the Marine running it, but also provides some pretty ridiculous accuracy. With [This information has been removed because it might be classified. Maybe.], there’s not a lot of chances of messing it up (let it never be said that Jared and I don’t talk about everything lol. And I listen very carefully. Did you see the specs I just laid down??[Before they were removed because they might be classified]). Jared has been really excited about it, and is apparently really doing well in the class. Cpl Rogers (one of his less than impressed superiors) even asked Jared over to help he and another senior Marine get a handle on the curriculum. Sgt Reitz, one of Jared’s old Company’s command, heads up the class and, as is to be expected of anyone who knows him, still adores him 😀 We recently got the chance to have an in depth spiritual discussion with Sgt Reitz (I know him as David, but Jared doesn’t remember anyone by their first name…I have the difficult task of remembering faces, ranks, last names, and first names. Ugh.) who was very receptive and had some good questions. He seemed especially interested in the idea of living Prophets. Unfortunately, one of the Cpls watching called Jared over and chewed him out for “standing around” and Sgt Reitz told us to head out so Jared wouldn’t get messed with anymore. We drove away to the background of good ol’ Dave yelling at the Cpl who’d just undermined his authority by giving an order to leave while he was speaking. Good stuff.

My day has been a little less interesting and exciting, no weapon systems for the little wife. I’m sick in the tummy and look pretty useless. I’m sitting at the kitchen table eating chicken noodle soup, listening to a vast array of musical entertainment (everything from My Chemical Romance to Les Miserables, segregation ended in the 70s), in what could be considered the least Kaila-like outfit that exists: sweat pants and a t-shirt. In my defense, most of the laundry is in the dryer, and it’s a cute t-shirt that brings out my eyes.  My day has not been unproductive, however. I signed up and registered to take the ACT on June 13th (yikes!!) at the BYU-Hawaii campus. Now I just have to cram-study everything I forgot (or didn’t pay attention to) from High School in a couple of weeks and rock a test. I’m taking the test with the essay option, I figure anything I forgot can hopefully be made up for by my magnificent writing skills. Math? Ha! Who needs it? Unless they pull a fast one and make the writing prompt “explain the finer workings of the quadratic equation using several examples of finding and graphing solutions.” I really should have listened a little more closely in classes. Blah.

I’ve also been doing some investigating as far as our ability to send me to school (specifically while Jared is in-country [deployed]). Fact: I love BYU tuition. What a ridiculously cheap school. Even for non-LDS students it’s competitive, but for LDS kids it’s borderline insanity. Especially since I’ll be a commuter student who already has housing and doesn’t need to worry about room and board. Or a meal plan. AWESOME. So for me it’s something like $3500/semester. That’s without class fees or lab fees and such (it does include books, though), but still! It’s totally reasonable and doable. Especially because our income ups drastically while Jared is deployed. They also offer things like a high-yield account while he’s gone. Kinda like a CD but it’s a guaranteed 10% every time and it’s only locked until he’s back home. He can choose to put as much of his monthly pay into it as he wants and then just let it earn while he’s in Afghanistan. We estimate that he could put about half of his income in that account and I’ll still be living comfortably with the other half. Which would, in fact, cover the winter semester of classes. The Lord loves us. In case you hadn’t noticed.

So there’s what’s going on for us right now, weapons, Gospel, tests, and money.

Ugh…and for anyone who’s not caught up, thank you, it’s working just fine, no we didn’t need the doctor’s appointment, and, yes, it’s great 😀




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21 05 2009

Teehee, so glad to have this to keep up with you guys! Glad everything’s workin’ out ^_^

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